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Stage Plot

Technical Rider – Harmonious Wail

Please contact Sims Delaney-Potthoff (608-658-6988 / for all non-technical questions.

This Rider is attached to and made a part of the Contract between Harmonious Wail and the purchaser of said services as defined on the face of the Contract in connection with the Artist’s performance(s) at the venue described therein.



A competent lighting technician shall be provided. A general wash with specials focused on the mandolin, guitar, bass and vocals for solos is sufficient. However, appropriate creativity is appreciated and welcomed.


A qualified/cooperative sound mixer (engineer) and a concert sound system of sufficient size, sophistication, and quality to deliver to all members of the audience an amplified blend of ARTIST’S music (including all instruments). The sound shall be free of distortion, feedback and extraneous noises consisting of the following:

Prefer the soundboard to be capable of three separate stage mixes. One can work if three cannot be provided.

Six (6) microphones stands. See stage sheet for specifics.

3 mics

1 vocal mics (Shure Beta 58’s preferred)

2 instrument mics with (Shure Beta 57’s, SM 81’s or Neumann KM84’s preferred)

Three (3) monitor speakers, each with a 15-inch speaker and a horn (e.g. Bag End 1202 highly preferred).

Three (3) channels of amplification for the monitor speakers. Each channel should provide at least 95 watts into 8 ohms (e.g. two Yamaha P2100’s).

A minimum of two (2) outlets of AC power (120 volts, 15 amp circuits) must be available on stage for ARTIST’S electrical equipment. One located at mandolin and the other at the bass amp.

Sound Check: A sound check is mandatory and should be a minimum of one hour. A sound engineer shall be provided. The sound engineer must be available throughout the entire sound check and performance.

All equipment must be set up and in place prior to the Artist’s arrival.
Minimum stage requirement: 20’ x 12’.
One small side table with covering (to put the percussion instruments on).
*For Technical questions, contact Sims Delaney-Potthoff – (608) 658-6988,


Sound check should begin one (1) hour before the doors, provided all sound and lights are set and in place.

Presenter shall not open house until technical set-up and sound check has been completed. Artist shall complete sound check in ample time prior to doors opening, provided there are no technical problems

House lights will be dimmed two (2) minutes before curtain to facilitate audience seating. II. MERCHANDISE REQUIREMENTS:

One eight-foot table and two chairs in a mutually agreeable location to sell merchandise. Artist shall retain 100% of the proceeds from such sales, unless otherwise agreed.


One large or two small dressing rooms with heat and air conditioning, with a clean rug and mirror. A Secure facility please.

Parking as close as possible to backstage entrance for Artist’s van. Eight (8) complimentary tickets per show.

A light dinner, organic & local (not Applebee’s or chain pizza) when possible but not necessarily vegetarian (incl. Entrée, vegetables, bread, dessert and drinks) for 4 people after sound check. Plenty of bottled water, hot tea with honey and lemon please. A cold 6-pack of a LOCAL ale, or Heineken is greatly appreciated.


Artist is available for any media interviews with prior approval. Please provide Harmonious Wail with copies of all previews, write-ups, articles, and reviews relating to the Artist and this engagement in the local press.


Purchaser shall pay, at it’s sole expense, all taxes, fees, dues, levies and the like relating to the Performance and the sums payable to Artist shall be free of same. This shall not apply to any Federal or State income taxes imposed by law on Artist for performance performed within the US but shall apply to all forms of taxes including, without limitation, any business occupancy tax or any value added tax (VAT).